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Audio Visual Work with Queen's Radio 

Documentary Series

Saving Our Seas NI travels across Northern Ireland’s coast and speaks to different community groups investing in protecting our beaches and seas.


In this episode of SOS NI we visit Exploris Aquarium and find out what they’re doing to help protect our marine life.

Shortlisted for Student Media EPA Journalism Relating to the Environment Award (2023) 

Peace Babies: A Generation Post Good Friday Agreement

Where Are We 25 Years On?

Acted as Assistant Director of this student led documentary which explored the voices of peace babies. Their thoughts on the Good Friday Agreement and their hopes for the future. 

The Scoop Talks to students - a vox pops with Queen's University students about upcoming strikes

The Scoop Talks to students - a vox pops with UCU Strikers and students. 

The Scoop Talks to Students: Vox Pops with Queen's University students about a possible second Stormont Election

Valentine's Day and Sustainability 

The Eco Scoop tackles consumerism just in time for Valentine's Day! It address the problematic aspects of consumerism and provides tips for listeners looking to celebrate the day in a more sustainable way!

Activism & Eco-Marxism

Interview with Zac Lumley who was subject to legal proceedings following his involvement with a direct action protest in Dublin. Also featuring a discussion with Emmy Erskine regarding eco-marxism how marxism could hold the solution to the ecological crisis.

A look at sustainable living 

Exploring sustainable living with vloger Ella Jones, who discusses her journey and fast fashion. Also featuring Alice Wilkinson, co-founder of Belfast's zero waste shop, The Refill Quarter. Also featuring our tips on sustainable living!

First look at Green Politics 

With Special guest Professor John Barry, this is our first episode exploring Green Politics. We discuss what defines Green politics, the myths surrounding and challenges surrounding Green politics and the need for a post growth economy.

Sustainability at Queens

First ever episode of the Eco Scoop takes a look at sustainability at Queen's University Belfast. Chloe Ferguson tell us what the Student Union are doing to promote sustainability on campus and Sara Lynch speaks to the steps being taken by the university's senior management.

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